About Us

About Dragon Technology

Dragon Technology is one of the leading ‘Trading Company’ in Bangladesh established in 2002
with 100% Local Investment. We are proudly served all over the Bangladesh with the integrity
and professionalism. We are truly a family company and we are dedicated to supply and
maintenance for home or business overall comfort levels.

In the year 2002, Dragon Technology has started the Business for Marketing, Installation,
Servicing, Repairing & Maintenance and Assembling of different kinds of Air Conditioner.

After gathering all the Technical knowledge, Dragon Technology has started to import different
capacities of complete set along with retail spare parts from China for the following:

➢ Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
➢ Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner
➢ Cassette Mounted Air Conditioner
➢ Duct Type Air Conditioner
➢ VRF System Central Air Conditioner

After importing the items, we do the Assemble in Bangladesh with highly experience Technical
Personnel and supplies the same to the various organizations in Bangladesh for the following:

1) Educational Institutions
2) Medical College & Hospitals
3) Corporate Office
4) Bank & Insurance
5) Judges Court
6) Market and Shopping Malls
7) Residence (Home and Flats)